The design for an installation we are making as part of
the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea in September.
The photos below show a crane installing the structural element for a current
sculpture commission in Cambridge. The circular grid will hold 221 lacquered
boxes to form a pixelated sun. The sculpture will double as a home for swifts
with nesting sites in the front of the sun so it will look like they are flying in and
out of the sun.
Latest sculpture in conjunction with the Royal Opera House and set around an
historic pond. The piece has a sculptural approach but an architectural outcome.
It will be used as a hide and reveal a world that disappears just before
someone turns the corner.

I'm also part of the collective Something & Son comprising of a sociologist,
engineer and myself. Along with a team of volunteers we've been putting the final
finishes to our project FARM:shop in Dalston, London. The project is a farm in a
shop and we're looking to see how much food we can grow. Visit our website for
the project at (the website is being updated and
redesigned for the start of February). Here's some early photos from the project:

A site view showing the rear of a sculpture for a current commission in Cambridge:

The temporary workshop for a project that I'm currently working on in Essex.

I am currently designing a piece of sculpture /architecture that will provide an
adaptable learning space and is commissioned by the Royal Opera House and
St Johns School. The sculptecture is situated next to an ancient pond and is
designed for nature as well as people with holes drilled throughout the whole
structure providing a habitat for invertebrates.